Olivier Coudert on December 11th, 2009

Over the past week we heard good news from Xilinx and Altera, both raising their revenue targets for Q4CY09 (Q3FY10 and Q4FY09 respectively). Both of the FPGA giants are doing fine, and are poised to grow twice as fast as the semiconductor industry. The semiconductors companies are doing well too, with TI upping its Q4CY09 […]

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Olivier Coudert on October 30th, 2009

Last week I wrote a post discussing Xilinx and Altera Q3’09 results, and I mentioned Xilinx’ operation margin consistently trailing Altera’s by 3-4%. I had a few emails regarding that gap, and why that gap would be closed eventually. Let me address this topic with this post. Comparing the yearly fiscal exercises directly would be […]

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Olivier Coudert on September 20th, 2009

CodeProjectHere are the definitions of two words that have a bad press, especially in these harsh economic times: Outsourcing (included in dictionaries in 1979): the procuring of services or products, such as the parts used in manufacturing a motor vehicle, from an outside supplier or manufacturer in order to cut costs. Offshoring: relocation by a […]

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