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New scam: fake Wells Fargo text message

On Thursday I received the following  message on my phone.

wells fargo scam

The message reads:

WELLS FARGO ALERT: Your CARD starting with 4259 has been DEACTIVATED. Please call 650-443-5306.

That was immediately suspicious. Neither the sender, (650) 739-9027, nor the phone number to call, were 800 numbers. Also usually one refers to a credit card with its last four digits, not the first four ones. The sender is registered in Palo Alto, and the number to call is in Millbrae.

scam senderscam receiver

I called the sender, and there is just a message saying that the voicemail is not activated. When calling (650) 443-5306, I got a somewhat lo-fi voicemail pretending to be from Wells Fargo and asking to punch my credit card number.

Obviously a scam to get credit cards number, social security number, and the like.

You’ve been warned.

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