How cool is this year’s DAC? Well, I’ll get back to this in a later post. But this is my first DAC that gets me to see, at the same location and in the span of 3 weeks:

  • A partial solar eclipse on May 20 –which was annular if you drove up north to Redding
  • A partial moon eclipse on June 4
  • The transit of Venus on June 5 –next one to happen in 2117

Right outside of Moscone Center in San Francisco there were people with glasses trying to see the transit of Venus. This is pretty hard to see with the naked eyes –through the appropriate protective glasses, of course. One person brought a telescope with a filter, and everybody got to see Venus passing in front of the sun as a small black dot. I was lucky enough to shoot a picture through the lens of the telescope with my modest Canon PowerShot S80, and here is the result.

Transit of Venus

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