I don’t usually report news. I rather comment on them, or take position on various subjects. But for once, I’ll make an exception.

I wrote a few posts on EDA and cloud computing –the latest was as recent as last week, where I posted about security in the cloud after a thread of comments on a previous post–. Bottom line was, EDA in the cloud will happen, because it’s a necessity.

Today, Synopsys announced that it will use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to provide a cloud computing solution for VCS simulation. Synopsys is not the first big EDA player venturing into cloud computing –Cadence already did–. But as the market leader, Synopsys sends a strong signal to the EDA community and its customers: EDA SaaS (Software as a Service) in the cloud is about to get very real.

Just need to figure out a good business model…

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2 Comments on Synopsys is getting into the cloud

  1. Cloud adoption is well underway in other computing intensive industries (e.g Bio-informatics). This announcement just recognizes the reality that Synopsys customers do not want to size their data centers for the peak cpu requirements before tape out.

    Often an established vendor treats a new approach as ‘probably a bad idea.’ Synopsys has now flipped the bit and is able to advise competitors: “you’re late.”

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