It is not quite yet the last day of the year, but two days to go is good enough to reflect on my recent blogging experience. I published my first post on September 14 of this year. Starting from scratch is always difficult, and starting a blog nowadays means you have to compete with millions of already established writers out there.

Well, not millions after all. I have been writing mostly on EDA and related subjects, like outsourcing, software quality, and FPGA, covering both technical and business aspects; this is of interest to only a few tens of thousands of people. Most of these posts were featured in Design & Reuse, EDACafé, and CodeProject. Simply put, Design & Reuse has been for me the greatest portal to get an EDA audience to read my blog, right next to LinkedIn. Interestingly enough, quite a lot of traffic came from Yahoo finance because of two posts I had on Xilinx’ and Altera’s financial results. The fastest growing audience vector has been Twitter. I really started to use Twitter in September, and only now I can see Twitter to carry some significant interest from followers and retweets to my blog. It has been great to see comments and discussions unfolding around topics I discussed on this site.

One of my early blog, about why FPGA startups keep failing, captured a lot of interest. I had many comments on the blog, messages via LinkedIn, or direct feedback by email. But that post had an early start, so somehow I do not consider it as the most successful. The one that clearly hit a nerve is the post where I discussed EDA versus VLSI service companies. Two days after being published it racked up the number two spot of the most popular posts, and it triggered very interesting exchanges with a number of people in the industry.

After its inspection three months on a half ago, the twenty posts of my blog received just short of 10,000 views. I was glad to see one of my posts in the notable EDA blog postings for 2009 list of Richard Goering. EDA has been my passion for 20 years, still is, and it is exciting to establish new connections and opportunities via this blog.

But I have to admit that the traffic I draw to this blog is nothing compared to a handful of posts I wrote for TheNextWeb and Neowin. It was a great experience to write as a freelance and guest blogger, and I intend to pursue writing editorial, analysis, or opinion pieces for these high quality tech news sites.

I enjoy the interaction resulting from my writing about topics I care about. I hope that you, reader, enjoy it too. Let us meet again in 2010 on this site for more discussions.

I wish you a happy new year!


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  1. Nick says:

    Hi Olivier,

    Its a pleasure to read your blog and your insights about the EDA industry.
    wish you and the blog readers a wonderful 2010.


  2. Hi Nick,

    Thank you so much, and happy new year!

    — Olivier

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