Olympiad ParkAfter the giant TechCrunch 50 last September in San Francisco, TechCrunch continues to host smaller events in several cities. Next in line is TechCrunch Munich, which will be held on Tuesday Oct. 20th at the Sun Microsystems offices in Munich.

The gathering is an opportunity for local entrepreneurs and techies to network, as well as a few selected startups to pitch in front of their peers. Present also will be a few VC firms. The highlights:

  • 14.30 Welcome: Mike Butcher (Editor TechCrunch Europe)
  • 14.40 Mathias Roth (iOpus.com) “Chrome: Why creating products for a brand new platform can supercharge their service
  • 15.00 Rainer Maerkle (Holtzbrinck Ventures) “Copy, adapt or innovate – which type of business should you start?
  • 15.20 Startup Pitches
  • 17.00 Panel of Startup Support Schemes in Bavaria interrogated by Mike Butcher
  • 17.20 Matthias Kroener (CEO, Fidor Bank, Munich) “With traditional banking dying, and community banking up, what does this mean for the startup economy
  • 17.45 Finger food, drinks, and more networking

One of the exciting parts in that kind of event is of course the startups pitches. There will be 11 startups going for the seduction exercise, speed-dating style: 3mn presentation + 1mn for question! It is tough to convey the message with that time constraint, but only the best shall survive. The chosen ones are:

  1. Communote –enterprise microblogging platform
  2. Graph.me –rate your social network reach
  3. CaptchaAd –CAPTCHA with video and ads
  4. Red Panda –intentional browsing
  5. intelliAd –bid management for Internet marketing
  6. Vicommerce.com –in-video shopping
  7. Getyourguide.com –on-line booking for tours, attractions and activities
  8. Directededge.com –users recommendation plug-in
  9. SnipClip.com –virtual goods selling platform for social networks
  10. Terminii –web-based appointment services for small and mid-size companies
  11. Valuescope –info aggregation and analysis for marketing and sales decisions

I will share what I saw and what I liked after the event –that is, if I can get in! The on-line registration closed unexpectedly, I hope that showing at the door will demonstrate enough motivation for me to attend. Stay tuned.

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